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Technological advance for your success

We are a company with the goal of making the value chain in injection molding technology a little bit better. We offer smart solutions for all companies in the field of injection molding technology. From product development to mold making to the converter. At DUFNER.MDT, we are convinced that technological excellence can lead to economic success. Especially when the various areas of expertise are interlinked and loose ends are tied up.

Technological advantage for your success.
Our services for your success.

What we offer

At DUFNER.MDT, we truly believe that a holistic and detailed view of the essential factors of a molding process leads to better creation of added value. The challenges are therefore diverse and our portfolio is correspondingly comprehensive, with which we support you in your daily challenges. With dedication, passion and hard work we have created extensive capabilities to be able to answer your complex questions in a sustainable way.

A process that we will continuously drive forward in the future.

What our customers say

"With the material analyses from the DUFNER.MDT laboratory, we were able to improve the quality of results and the reliability of our injection molding simulations once again. The very fast processing and the dedication to the joint projects allow us to handle even the most difficult tasks with our usual high quality."

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CEO Gernot Dufner leans against a Göttfert PVT measuring device in his plastics laboratory, which can be seen from the outside in the lower part of the picture.
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