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More insight for best possible performance

Moulding processes can be challenging and that' s when every detail counts in achieving the best possible performance of the entire system. It is not only the quality of the individual components that matters, but above all how they are fine-tuned to each other and aligned with the process requirements. Our task is to reveal the things that are essential for sustainable decisions, but which are not necessarily obvious.

Build up comprehensive knowledge of plastic properties. Enable sustainable action through learning and synergy effects.

Make simulation results reliable. Gain detailed information on the behavior of plastics.

Correctly assess requirements, risks, and limitations to realize the comprehensive feasibility of a process.

Understand influencing factors and interfering variables. Identify optimization potentials and make them usable in a target-oriented manner.

Cross-departmental thinking and acting with product and customer at the center of the entire production process.

Interlinked information to get all partners pulling in the same direction. With the goal of creating a spot landing.

Sustainable Work

Sustainable Work

Achieve learning effects as well as synergies and use them

Sustainable work means the profound knowledge of plastics characteristics as well as the processes and operations in question. This is a goal for all partners: contexts are easier to understand, learning effects concerning processing framework conditions and processing limits of the specific plastics allow a more sustainable acting in operation. Working with us will let you help you achieve fast and complete information on the backgrounds of the processing of your plastic materials and the processes in use. This is extremely important: The development of profound knowledge cannot be replaced.

Achieve learning effects as well as synergies and use them.
Optimizing Processes

Optimizing Processes

Understand processes to optimize them

To optimize processes, you have to first understand them. What influences and which disturbances exist and what do they do? This is valid for the entire production process from development up to serial production and service. For us it is about finding out what cannot be changed optionally, to find solutions for a reliable and controllable process, and to minimize disturbances beforehand. We let you have an enlarged view on the entire product life cycle thanks including plastics in much greater detail in the overall consideration.

Understand processes to optimize them.
Polymer Knowledge

Polymer Knowledge

Make decisions really resilient

Plastics knowledge integrates the injection molding simulation as an important instrument. To get really stable results, a precise base with comprehensive material data on demand is necessary. Simply as that it is import to know how the material reacts in detail on processing it in the injection molding process. We let you know which process demands have to be taken into consideration when using a specific material for a serial processing with defined characteristics. You know before you even start the process, what you have to do to get the best production results in series. This is for sure genuine.

Make decisions really resilient.
Crosscutting Action

Crosscutting Action

Link endpoints for holistic action

Working interdisciplinary – take a look at the entire production process, right before the production starts. It is about cross-functional thinking and working for a smooth product development up to serial injection molding production, a good influence on product design and also an optimized mold construction. We are considering the production process from a backward angle. The question is: what is necessary to process a product the best way? In other words: we put the demands of the product and of our customers in the centre of all our thoughts.

Link endpoints for holistic action.
Feasibility Counts

Feasibility Counts

Feasibility is a question of how, not if

The comprehensive feasibility of each production process is the ultimate goal. This is not a dual process. It is about the question which process is necessary for the production and what are the demands, risks and limits accompanying it. It is about the correct estimate of all basic requirements of processing. We bring transparency into complex operations and make them real for each of our customers.

Feasibility is a question of how, not if.
Supporting Partner

Supporting Partners

Enforce teams with interconnected information

What is necessary to realize a processing chain the best way? You have to use all single points to understand the processing and its synergies, so that all partners pull together. Therefore you have to really know and look into all important data and facts. With us, you can rely on one contact partner and therefore on much interconnected information. This is the goal: oriented and preventive full-service information, which you need for a spot-landing for your customers. Starting directly at the beginning of the process with no delays.

Enforce teams with interconnected information.
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