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What we can do for you

We analyze the industrialization of an injection molded part from a variety of perspectives. With this comprehensive view, we can support you intensively through the synergy effects resulting from it. Our plastics laboratory as a central component of our services completes them in a high quality. You get all important information for the best possible design of your products, molds and processes from a single source. Even before you get into any hardware implementation. In a genuinely unique combination.

Create database for most precise calculations and better process understanding.

Gain detailed process insights to allow for reliable decisions to be made.

Interdisciplinary action for comprehensive feasibility and risk management.

Goal-oriented optimization and thus avoid tedious and costly trial and error.

Properly assess the thermal and mechanical properties of the mold and design it robustly.

Unique bandwidth for solution-oriented workflows and linear processes.


Material characterization

Create a database for most precise calculations

Whereas molded parts are developed in all possible different varieties and special molds are made to process them, the plastics used are more or less a constant value. Nevertheless, the influence of the characteristics of the plastics material is in many cases quite important. Simulation solutions virtualize such processes. Quite often the database concerning material parameters like i.e. viscosity, pvT-curves or specific heat capacity is not complete or just fragmentary. Efforts to use alternative materials often leave the operators in the dark because of lacking comparative figures. After living with this problem for many years, we found a way out of it by creating our own plastics lab. In close cooperation with our software partner SIGMA Engineering GmbH (producer of SIGMASOFT©) we do research on all parameters needed for the plastics materials in question. We create the base for precise, significant and durable calculations. Even more: we validate the researched parameters as we align the results of specific processes from technology centre and plastics lab with virtual insights.

Create a database for most precise calculations.
Goal-oriented optimization to avoid trial and error.

Process analysis

Goal-oriented optimization to avoid trial and error

It is not uncommon that parts’ geometry is set-up and the mold is already on the machine, when the first difficulties start re. process capability of the mold. Sometimes the molds have worked during a longer period of time without any problems, until another batch of material or a different master batch leads to quality problems, which can only be solved, if at all, by extreme parameter changes. Efforts to fix such instable processes bear high costs of time and money. Quite often because nobody knows what happened and what brought the problems up. Possibilities and know-how to find out what really went wrong are rare. We take a close detailed look into the processing and analyze all the counting basic facts. We analyze the material in our lab and find out everything concerning its characteristics and influences on part, mold and process. Based on that knowledge, better decisions can be made and goal-oriented optimization without exhausting trial and error can take place.


Molding simulation

Detailed inside views for valid decisions

We analyze your molding process in detail using thermal and rheological simulations, considering the mold components, real geometry of the cooling channels and thus real temperature distributions. We conduct our simulations entirely in 3D using the SIGMASOFT® software solution. Substantial material data on demand are required to provide a reliable foundation for such analyzes. If necessary, we characterize the respective materials in detail in our laboratory and validate them in our technical center. This additional understanding of plastics is crucial to achieve the best possible analysis results for challenging projects. On this foundation, truly appropriate and reliable decisions can be made. Analyzes with material data determined in our laboratory and validated in our technical center — a unique combination. That is why we are the right partner for you and your challenging tasks.

Detailed inside views for valid decisions.
Assess loads correctly and act accordingly.

FEM analysis

Assess loads correctly and act accordingly

High cavity numbers, the smallest possible mold design, challenging mechanics, low tolerances of the molded parts and, at the same time, processing conditions that are challenging and cause, for instance, high injection pressures. We take a close look at the loads in the mold. What deformations may occur? Are there increased risks that components could fail or become susceptible to wear? How could deformations affect flash formation, dimensional accuracy or venting? We investigate these and many other questions for you with ANSYS Mechanical. However, a pure FEM analysis is not enough. It is crucial to correctly assess the requirements, the interaction of the tool components and the load cases. If necessary, to combine further analyses. This is another area where you benefit from our holistic approach and our experience. The aim is clear. Eliminate weak spots in advance and minimize risks.


Feasibility & risk analysis

Interdisciplinary action for comprehensive feasibility

We work interdisciplinary, because we take a look on the entire production process and we start doing so before the processing even begins. In other words: it is about cross-functional steps to be taken into consideration and action for a smooth product development and launch. We can accompany any industrialization based on the profound knowledge of our comprehensive approach. This is a great advantage for product design and an optimized mold production. We bring together all areas and subsections. We generate an added value for you simply based on the fact that we start thinking of the processing from the necessary result. The main question is: what is needed to start a production the best way possible? Doing this, we focus on the demands of the product and our customers. Our interdisciplinary cooperation has the goal to create a comprehensive operation process. And this is not a binary process. It is about points like: how to create a molded part, mold and operation process the best way and what are the risks? We support you concerning risk assessment as we analyze risks and stumbling blocks before production even starts and avoid these obstacles through preventive optimization steps. We are looking for the correct assessment of all basic requirements needed to set up a production process. How we do this? We bring together general knowledge and research on the requirements in virtual processing.

Interdisciplinary action for comprehensive feasibility.
Unique range for direct ways and linear progression.

Project support

Unique range for direct ways and linear progression

Before developing an injection molded part till beginning of the serial production, there are many facts that demand difficult decisions. Directions once taken are not easy to change. Sometimes those directions really lead us to a dead end. Sometimes the consequences of wrong decisions only come out when the necessary changes are very complicated and expensive. We support your projects with the goal of linear progression. Reaching such processes and progressions means less amendments in processing, less expenses of time and money as well as other resources. We support you to find the best way for your products no matter if injection molded part or mold. We always get the most out of it, because our support includes the entire range of our possibilities.

A range that is for sure unique.

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